Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So they told me: in the old asian philosophy they believed the sky is round and the earth is square

Six days ago: Contemporary technique class: the body + architecture + mind...We create an "Asian" sky on the square floor: Who is Who? All their names sound the same for me at this moment. I can only remember the few who have adopted English names: Jessy and Tiger... In the circle lying down: after each dancer describes their breath aloud, they softly rock back and forth with head and limbs...their response to that experience: We never before were that close to each other. Nose to Nose. Ear to Ear. Mouth to Mouth. Hair to Hair. Shoulder to Shoulder. Knee to Knee. Toe to Toe.

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rn said...

On the square earth, they've never been that close to each other?

Does Chinese folk dance not involve any touching at all? Or do they mean that ear-to-ear or knee to knee is a strange form of physical interaction to them?

Did you ask them to demonstrate any of their traditional dance for you?