Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I have to adapt to the reality

A week ago: I met the dancers of the Sichuan Modern Dance Company for the first time. These dancers are under the auspices of the traditional government-owned company the "Sichuan Song and Dance Troupe". The director Zhou Jian Jun explained that they have only been practicing modern dance for a few months. So how about contemporary dance? Do they have a concept of the difference between modern and contemporary dance? We have an intense conversation. The dancers watch my dance work "escalator", which I created for the World Financial Center lobbies in New York City. Their response: "Can the audience understand this work? This is soooooo different than anything we have ever seen. How can we in our traditional dance get a new voice?" I feel they have a hunger for new dance forms. I'm lying in my hotel room bed…awake. Reflecting. I have to adapt to their reality. Does each new thing (NEW! Is it possible?) arise out of the old? How could new dance form look for them? My dance work grew gradually out of practice and being exposed from modern to post-modern dance to arrive to the contemporary=my own style. Would contemporary have to mean something different for my Chinese colleagues?

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