Saturday, June 30, 2012

Direct Action Flâneurs @ Edinburgh Scottish Parliament

I and my fellow Direct Action Flâneur Robert Neuwirth escaped the TED GLOBAL 2012 community for a couple of hours to find TED's theme of ‘Radical Openness’ in the Edinburgh community.
Thursday June 27th around noon. We get to the Scottish Parliament and come upon a group of anti-rape protestors.  We sit on the floor in front of the Parliament. With our analog typewriters -- an Antares Parva (pictured) and an  Everest K3 -- and our 'sit-in' body action, we create a community in the moment with the anti-rape protestors. It’s a 21st century temporary autonomous zone. Our sit-in ends when the policewoman demands to see what we have written and walks off with it and we demand the papers back. Audio file: an excerpt of the physical-aural interaction.

Would we have handed our writings to the cops in New York? NO WAY. Here in Edinburgh, though, we saw ourselves as guests and so automatically accepted a conditional hospitality!

For more on the demonstration itself go to:

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